The Monroe staff loves all of our residents and would hate to see you leave! In order to show you our appreciation, we have unbeatable prices and amazing specials lined up for anyone who would still like to renew. We even changed our office hours to make it more convenient for all of you to stop by and renew! Any staff member would be happy to help you through your renewal process. If you don’t have time to stop by the office to renew, just give us a call and we can send you a renewal offer so you can renew from home.

Reminder: Our office hours have changed! Please refer to our Reminders & Updates section for our new office hours or visit


Special Highlight

• Visit for more information on our community.
• Check out the new computers in our computer lab.
• Do you have an after-hours emergency? Call the office to be forwarded to our new on-call service.


Reminders & Updates

• Our new office hours are Monday–Friday from 10 a.m.–7 p.m., and Saturday–Sunday from noon–4 p.m.
• You are still able to drop off rent using the rent dropbox after office hours.
• We do not accept partial payments, so any payments submitted in the office must be for your full account balance. We DO NOT accept cash in the office, so please be sure to only bring a check or money order for any payments that you plan on submitting.
• Automated payments may take up to a month to process. Check in with the office if you have any questions about your payment.
• The online portal is a convenient option we provide for our residents to pay rent. It IS NOT the only option. Late fees will not be waived if you only try paying your rent using the online resident portal.
• There is a $13 convenience fee associated with using the online portal. You will only be charged the convenience fee once if you set up recurring payments. You will be charged the $13 convenience fee every time if you pay online using a one-time payment.
• Rent is due the 1st of each month. You have until the 4th to pay rent without any additional late fees. Starting the 5th, you will be charged an initial $35 late fee and $10 every day after that until you pay your rent. All checks or money orders should be made out to The Monroe.
• If you are having trouble with your internet, please refer to the purple Pavlov booklet that was provided in your move-in folder. Pavlov is our internet provider, and they are the only ones that will be able to solve any issues you are having with your internet.
• Bikes are not permitted on your balcony! Please use the bike rack located near your building and register it in the office.


Focus on Career Success

Whether you are a sophomore looking at internships or a senior getting ready for that first job after graduation, the spring semester brings added pressure as you seek to set yourself apart and set yourself up for success.

Here are five tips to keep you moving forward on a career success track:

Tip #1: The key to getting hired is selling yourself better than the other candidates. What’s your pitch? Practice concise ways to share your value and what you are looking for.
Tip #2: Your resume’s only job is to get your foot in the door! Have it critiqued at the career center.
Tip #3: Google yourself: What does your online presence tell future employers? Are you focusing on your online brand? Your potential employer is! Work on shaping your presence online and off.
Tip #4: Come up with EVERY reason an employer might not hire you — and an answer for each objection. For example, “What I lack in relevant experience, I make up for with my drive and proven ability to learn new things quickly.”
Tip #5: Learn from the best! Find people doing what you want to do and doing it well — and ask them for guidance. It’ll be well worth your time and perhaps a few cups of coffee to do informational interviews with others on their success stories.

These tips are obviously just the tip of the iceberg. Watch out for career success experiences here at your community. Whether you want feedback on your pitch or need someone to critique your resume, let us know how we can help you and connect you with resources to assist in your success!

Speaking of career success, did you know that as a resident of a Campus Advantage property you have FREE access to our exclusive Career Success Portal? Browse millions of jobs, including over 500,000 unique job postings, build your resume, practice your interviewing skills, and much more. To access the Career Success Portal, visit your resident portal and look for the sign-up link!


Community Events Calendar

Happy Chinese New Year! — Stop by and celebrate the year of the dog by informing yourself of different Chinese New Year traditions.

Candy Pickup — Pick from two plates full of different shapes and sizes of Valentine’s Day candy to transfer to one empty plate for keeps. Here’s the catch: It has to be with chopsticks AND you only have one minute!

Valentine’s Day — Join us in the office for some sweet treats and Valentine’s Day activities!

Mardi Gras — Join CA Savanna for Mardi Gras festivities in our leasing office!

National Walk Your Dog Day — Walk your pup down to the office for some tasty treats.

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