The Monroe staff would first like to welcome all of our new residents! We’re very excited to get to know all of you at the awesome events your Community Assistants have planned for you this year. Our events are the perfect opportunities for both new and returning residents to meet new people, build on skills, and enjoy your time at The Monroe to the fullest! Please contact us if there’s anything our staff can do to make your move-in process easier on you.

Reminder: Don’t hesitate to come into the office if you have any questions or concerns. There will always be a Community Assistant or manager available to answer any questions or help you with any issues you may be having.

— The Monroe

Special Highlight

  • Visit for more information regarding our name change and potential changes that will be occurring in the community.
  • School may have started, but summer isn’t over! Come and hang out by the pool to celebrate getting through your first week of classes.
  • Are you new to Bloomington or aren’t very familiar with the area? Check out our concierge binder in the office! You can reference it for information about the best places to eat in town, or even find a local doctor for when you can’t go home to your family doctor.

Reminders & Updates

  • All of the mailboxes are located in a small hut next to the clubhouse area. Each apartment shares one mailbox, and each resident should’ve gotten his or her own mailbox key.
  • If you haven’t gotten your information to log in to our resident portal, please contact the office as soon as possible so we can email that information to you. You can use our resident portal for important things such as making your rent payments and submitting work orders for your apartment.
  • Rent is always due on 1st of every month. You have until the 4th to pay your rent installment amount without late fees. Starting on the 5th, we will charge an initial $35 late fee to any account with a balance, and $10 every day after that until the full balance on the account is paid off.
  • There are multiple ways that rent can be paid. You can pay your rent in the office with a check or money order, or use our online portal to pay with a credit card. If you are unable to come to the office during office hours to drop off a check or money order, we have a rent dropbox right by the office door.
  • Don’t forget to check your email! Your Community Assistants and office staff send email notifications at least once a week to keep residents updated on everything that is going on at the community.

Make This Your Best Year Yet!

Welcome to a brand-new academic year. You’re off to a great start having chosen to live at a Campus Advantage community. Our goal is to give you an amazing experience! We’ll be providing you with events, resources, and information to help you thrive.

With that goal in mind, we asked returning residents and Campus Advantage team members for their tips! Here’s some of what they had to say:

  • Meet your neighbors. Create memories that will last a lifetime!
  • Don’t hesitate to get involved. The only things you will regret are the things you didn’t do.
  • This is your journey to success! Make a difference, make friends, and make a life!
  • Keep an open mind, and take care of one another. You are part of a community, not just a housing facility.
  • Set goals for this year. What do you want to experience and accomplish? Make it happen!
  • Get to know the staff! The entire team is here to help you succeed.
  • Tell us how we can serve you better! Whether it’s an idea for an event or a concern about the community, we want to hear from you.
  • Find balance between academics and a life outside of the classroom.
  • If you have roommates, set mutual expectations now to avoid future conflicts.
  • Join the fun! We’ll have community events for you to join and enjoy all year. Let us know what else you want to see.

We’re passionate about your success, not only in your living experience, but in all areas. Thank you for being part of this community. We look forward to making this your best year yet!

Community Events

To welcome all of our residents, we’ll be having Welcome Week from August 21–25! We’ll be posting flyers and sending out other notifications on all the amazing things your Community Assistants have planned for you.

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